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Haulage Subcontractors wanted

Due to a growing customer base Road Haulage Services have a variety of opportunities for professional, motivated owner drivers within the UK and Europe. Our customers require a variety of different sertices from ad-hoc work, return loads and tramping to regular long term transport.

Road Haulage Services use modern technology to streamline the booking, POD, Invoicing and payment process for our subcontractors. Owner drivers will be given access to the RHS App which offers a wealth of features that enable you to concentrate on the road.

Our targeted mapping allows transport managers to quickly identify suitable vehicles

Haulage work for owner drivers

We currently require:

HGV Subcontractors

Owner Drivers – for Light Haulage Contracts / Ad-hoc Light Haulage Work

Drivers can receive:

Rapid payments (within 24 hours for some jobs)

Consistent work

No sign or membership up fees – As it benefits us and our customers to have lots of suppliers in our database we do not charge to be a part of it

Subcontract haulage transport rates:

We understand the pressures of being a transport subcontractor and understand the pitfalls of the industry and we will alway seek to pay a fair rate. Owner driver price per mile:

Transit / Luton Van approximate rate per mile £1.80

7.5tn approximate rate per mile £2.20

18 / 27tn approximate rate per mile £2.50

Artic approximate rate per mile £3.00

Please note that these rates will be affected if a ferry crossing is involved or if the origin / destination is far away from commercial areas.


This is when a driver will work from job to job effectively living on the road for several days at a time and eventually working their way back towards their home destination. As a part or our network driver will often be able to pick up work to complement this style of work.

Haulage Return loads / Back loads

With lots of work available you will be able to reduce empty miles and hopefully increase your profitability. We have various methinds of alerting hauliers to potential loads but the main 3 tend to be Email, WhatsApp, and our own In-house driver App. 

Contract Logistics

Many drivers prefer to have a contract in place and we offer flexibility and a personal touch for our contract logistics partners. We will set you up with our in house App that enables tracking, POD sign and scan options self billing and a host of other benefits.

For Shippers

Road Haulage Services has been providing a range of services across the UK and Europe for many years now and our expers office team has over 60 year experience in freight haulage and logistics. The majority of our activity falls into the following categories:

Full & Part loads | 3PL | Contract Logistics | Pallets

HGV’s / LGV’s

3PL – Our dedicated dispatch managers manage many daily shipments and our sophisiticated online portal gives customers real time tracking on vehicle movements, collections and delivereds. Our driver app gives us and you real time visibility and tracking.

Contract logistics – We operate many daily, weekly and monthly shipments for a variety of customers. By using a small number of trusted partners we can help to give customers a stable service and will often solve issues without having to burden our customers with disruption.

There is no absolute rule when it comes to haulage rates per mile as there are usually four or five factors that will impact price. That said however this guide will give you a good idea and you can always contact us to request a quote if required.

The biggest consideration is usually the speed of delivery. If you require goods transported same-day or overnight for longer journeys you can expect to pay a premium.

Road Haulage Services Ltd.

Factors that affect Haulage rates

Interestingly you may have thought that requiring a larger vehicle would bump up the cost however this is not usually the case and the haulage rate per mile is typically similar for an Articulated lorry as it is for a 7.5tn lorry. You may notice a decrease for vehicles smaller than a 7.5tn lorry as these can often be driven by anyone who gained their UK drivers license prior to about 1978.

Size and weight of the load can be a major factor affecting the rates; as mentioned above if a bigger vehicle is required then specially trained drivers must be involved which increases the cost. If you are sending Pallets then again weight is a major factor but for different reasons.

For road haulage in the UK there are many variables however as a rule of thumb you should allow £1.50 per mile. There are variables that can swing this up or down.

Ferry costs, tolls, and urgency are all factors that can increase haulage prices. The primary factor that can bring costs down is flexibility of collection date as your haulier may be able to include your goods on a back load.

The table below gives the haulage rate per mile of some of our recent EU Work

Goods / VehicleLoadDestinationPrice £Price Per Mile £Notes
2.4m x 1m x 1.2h @ 600kgME12 2DECarrer Francesc Macià, 3, 43519 El Perelló,2190.22
100x60x100h @ 220 kgSpain 07180BB10 2AA1750.12
120x110x120cm – 200kgLE7 1NA28794 Madrid Spain1450.13
1 @ 120x100x200k @ 1000kgBS31 3TJFrance 835702250.24
4 x 120x100x220h @ 1000kg eachE10 5SH1070 Brussels3551.48
120 x 100 x 1.3 high weight 60kgSN16 9REEX16 9JU890.79
800x1200x650h @ 250kgSK6 4HZ84089 GERMANY1120.14
5 pallets 120x100x150, 250 kg eachS4 7QB62420 France4151.19
1 Uk pallet 120x100x200, 400 kgS4 7QBBulgaria 57502550.14
10 @ 120x100x150h – 250kg each00163 Italy400479 Romania12251.75
3 @ 120x100x200. 400kg eachS4 7QB24060 Italia3350.32
100x80x100h. 360kgSpain 07180BB10 2AA2200.16
100x120x150 pallet , max 250 kg weightS4 7QBWA15 7RU691.38
Full load 26tn vehicleShamley Green GU5Ringwood BH245957.43
120x100x200h @ 400kgS4 7QBHA9 7RD800.49
1 X 120x100x100 @ 500KG90482 NURNBERG, GERMANYTN12 6UT2600.43
18 Pallets / 7 ton97616 GermanyL24 9GS17252.16
33 pallets : 80x120x120 /weightPoland Elblag 82300CH4 0BY25851.91
1 pallet 1500 kgs 1300mm x58089 HermanyWV4 6LE3100.58
120x80x110h @ 300kilosItaly 81020BT41 2SJ2790.16
11 @ 120x100x150h 1000kg each46960 SpainDN1 2PH16451.26
120x100x80 @ 40kgME10 2PG28237 Germany1140.23
60x80x93h total weight kg .10071016 ItalyE5 9NA1160.09
3.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 m @ 400kgSK10 2BN
53804 Germany
3 @ 120x100x100h @ 350kg eachRM19 1NZ2750 Moerkapelle, Netherlands1550.52
100x100x100h @ 100kg – non stackL31 2LZ62-023 Robakowo Poland130011
120x80x80h @ 125kgLS27 0BN06766 Germany990.12
120x100x600h @ 40kgSK5 7BS14612 Germany1040.12
120x100x30h @ 25 kgPO20 7PLCT19 5LD690.58
Articulated Lorrywarringtonchelmsford6603
Full LoadColchesterO2 Arena5508.46
700kg PalletLisbon (Portugal)London2250.17Most of this journey was by Ferry
100kg PalletNorwichSeville (Spain)2300.17Most of this journey was by Ferry
250kg PalletValencia (Spain)Brighton2450.21
50kg Pallet x 2Malaga (Spain)London7500.54
Sprinter VanWalesRomania16500.98
GOH TrailerCV6CF248957.27Specialist vehicle used
GOH 7.5tnBasildonSwitzerland St.Louis12952Specialist vehicle used
Full LoadHarlowItaly12951.01
Full LoadHarlowFrance6951.3
Pallet 100kgGlasgowarea 87130 France2151.17
2 pallets @ 1,000kg eachNorwicharea 50850 France2700.57
2 Direct PalletsLondonMarseilles France6450.83
11 palletsHaverhillHanover – Germany4950.89
4 Heavy PalletsClactonErlangen Germany5700.87
5 large cratesSurreyEindhoven4501.49
2 X Pallets @ 650kg eachWrexhamGiessen Germany3290.5
Pallet 130kgYorkBretzfeld1150.16
Full LoadWrexhamWaldenburg Germany9651.26
370kg Pallet x 2ChelmsfordTurin (Italy)2950.38
1000kg pallet x 2NorwichGer France2450.52

What does Volumetric weight mean?

The volumetric calculation looks like this: L x W x H if your goods (in Meters) multiplied by 250. If the resulting number is greater than the weight of the goods (in KG) then the volumetric weight will be used to calculate the cost for transport.

Example: If you have a pallet of goods that weigh 250kg and measure 120x100x220cm your volumetric calculation will look like this:1.2 x 1 x 2.2 = 2.64. 2.64 x 250 = 660. In this example the haulage costs will be calculated as if the pallet of goods weigh 660kg.

Economies of scale

If you have an opportunity to transport a greater quantity of goods there are economies of scale to be achieved and knowing about these can help business in their pricing and supply negotiations. Below is an example of the per pallet cost to send a ship from the UK to the north of Italy.
£220 – single pallet      £275 – two pallets / £137.5 each
£320 – three pallets / 106.67 each
£1350 – full load up to 26 standard pallets / £51.92 each
A full load is 26 Standard pallets @ 120x100cm or 33 Euro pallets @ 120x80cm. It is alto worth noting that different vehicles would likely be used to ship a small numbers of pallets as opposed to full or part loads; this affects maximum pallet heights. Full or part loads may ship directly onto an international trailer with a maximum height of around 2.5m whereas small numbers of pallets would be collected and delivered on smaller vehicles with a maximum height of 2.2m.

Personal effects

Typically we do not transport personal effects as it is difficult to insure however we are happy to work with private individuals and business customers and try to offer everyone good value for money. It can often pay to speak to someone in advance of your first time international pallet shipping. Usually what catches people out is timing and letting your haulier know any key collection or delivery dates is important. If you start to run out of time your options will decrease which may require an expensive dedicated vehicle or worse, lack of an available vehicle altogether.

Market observations

With the recent drop in the pound many of our UK customers are finding new business in Europe and exports are a fresh and growing element of their operation.

Oversized Pallet Prices

We offer business and private users access to competitive rates for pallets up to 1.2m wide by 2.6m long that would typically be classed as oversized. If your goods are relatively lightweight we can be exceptional value. The UK pallet courier network can collected the same day if booked before 10:30am with next day delivery in may cases.

If your goods are on a standard or Euro pallet but overhang in any direction this is fine but be aware that exposed edges can be more vulnerable out ought to be properly secured. We can arrange collection with a tail lift vehicle however of your pallet/crate is long (over 2.4m) and heavy it is best to load with a fork lift where possible or to ensure there are a couple of people who can help load as a backup to ensure the collection happens smoothly.

Shipping pallets to property in Europe

any people require building materials supplied to and from Europe. Typically a lot of Stone from areas of Italy and Spain and many people also ship tiles from the UK and Spain. If you have a building project and need supportive transport we can help but be aware that success is generally achieved when we have a solid contact locally to book the delivery with along with having a good description of any access issues or easier routes.

Oversized pallet to Europe

For pallet delivery to Europe (the near continent Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal typically) allow between 4/6 working days depending on destination and be aware that in many instances an Expedited service is available. Pallets to Greece can take a lot longer especially if delivery is to a rural location.

NOTE: At many times of the year Bank holidays in the UK and on the near continent clash. April and May are particularly notable in this respect so it is best to plan well ahead of where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

For continental land transit the hauliers liability to you, the owner of the goods, is calculated at around £8 per KG. Additional insurance up to £10k coverage can be purchased for £20, and for higher value goods we will provide you a bespoke quotation.

As the roads and ferries can be unpredictable we do not guarantee delivery timescales however we do work hard to ensure rapid transit where required.

Yes. To ensure smooth transit it may be necessary to discuss access and timings with our service personnel and we can ensure that a tail lift vehicle is used where required.

‘Standard Pallets’ are 120x100cm and ‘Euro Pallets’ are 120x80cm. Anything bigger than this would be classed as oversized or if your goods overhang the pallet (not recommended unless the goods are sturdy) it would also be classed as oversized. If possible it is best to keep the height to a maximum of 220cm as anything taller may not fit through the doors of many standard vehicles. Our oversized pallet quotes are calculated on the exact measurements of your load so you will not pay for more space that you use.

Typically 5 working days is a good rule of thumb for most western European countries.

For domestic pallets and Exports, we can sometimes collect same day If booked before 10am. On most occasions though collection will be next working day and for Imports it is best to allow 2 days.

Yes (depending on the distance). This will require a dedicated vehicle.

Yes. Engines or vehicle parts must be fully drained of any oil or fuel prior to transport as spill and leaks can create a slip hazard and a fire risk.

Yes, often we can provide an online tracking link. If this is not available our service personnel can keep you updated on transit.

If your goods can be moved by hand (small and lightweight) or by forklift then it may not be necessary to put them onto a pallet. Typically though a pallet is essential for transit.

Kerbside refers to the position and availability of goods. Collections must be from a place accessible by the vehicle and goods will not be move further once off the vehicle.

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